Libreboot Installation Service

Libreboot is a free software replacement of proprietary BIOS (firmware) which gives you ultimate freedom over your computer. Unlike proprietary BIOS which often contains backdoors, bugs and unwanted bloatware. Libreboot is fast, far more secure and reliable. We offer libreboot installation service. If you have libreboot-compatible computer you can ship it to us. We also sell refurbished libreboot-compatible computer at reasonable prise.

Coreboot Installation Service

Coreboot is an open source software project aimed at replacing the propritary BIOS (firmware). Coreboot supports more computers then libreboot does. If your computer does not support libreboot but if it does support coreboot then you must consider using it over proprietary BIOS. We do offer coreboot installation service so if you have coreboot-compatible computer you can ship it to us for coreboot-installation and we shall do it at reasonable charges. We also sell new computers with coreboot preinstalled at reasonable prise.

CyanogenMod Installation Service

CyanogenMod is an open source operating system aims to liberate Android based smartphones and tablets from manufacturer imposed restrictions. It is designed for better security. Contains no bloatware which means less data leak and fast performance. We supply mobile phones pre-installed with CyanogenMod. We also offer installation service so if you ship your compatible device to us we will install CyanogenMod and ship it to you for nominal fees.

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